Oleavanti: The World’s most Luxurious Olive Oil

For five generations, the Saadé family has produced the world’s most luxurious, aromatic, flavorful olive oil. At Oleavanti, we combine the stability and sustainability of our centuries-old Mediterranean olive groves, ancient Phoenician pressing techniques, and today’s state-of-the-art production practices to bring you an olive oil that cannot be equaled, whether on salads with wine vinegar or lemon, with omelets and fried egg dishes, as a tempting bread dip, or on traditional recipes. We invite you to join the world’s finest restaurants, kitchens, and dining tables and enjoy the flavor and romance of the world’s richest olive oil.

Click on our selections below or visit our shop to begin enjoying our olive oil this week, and explore our website to meet our team and enjoy the story of what makes Oleavanti, beyond argument, the world’s most luxurious olive oil. After you’ve tasted the flavor of Oleavanti, we’re sure you’ll want to join our club and our family, experiencing the Romance of the East through our olive oil, for five generations and counting.


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