We believe in sharing the unique culture and cuisine of Lebanon, the celebrated origin of olive oil. Our Lebanese origin has lead us to be deeply and intricately involved in the preservation of historic olive groves that sustain the heritage and economy of traditional Lebanese culture. As urbanization poses as an ever-increasing threat to ancient olive groves, we’ve made it our mission to protect the trees and the growers who have been cultivating them for generations. We want to help the regeneration of olive groves, not see the last vestiges of what olives bring to Lebanese culture disappear. Every bottle of our ultra-premium olive oil is a unique story told by the olive trees, a celebration for the success of saving groves and supporting the olive growers. So open a bottle, pour indulgently, and join the celebration.

Sharing Lebanon through olive oil,
from our grove to you.

Our Oil

From the groves of Lebanon to your table.

Olive oil has the ability to elevate your cuisine and transform your dishes from bland to vibrant, so why choose ordinary? As the homeland of olive pressing, Lebanon has perfected the art of olive oil creation and defined what it means to have authentic olive oil. Our olives are grown and pressed with the highest level of care and attention to quality to create authentic, award winning, ultra-premium olive oil that you can pour indulgently onto every meal.

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