Carol Saadé, Co-Founder. I am a......

Carol Saadé, Co-Founder and Quality. My childhood was infused with olive groves, beautiful olive trees adorning my village, and my family's olive oil. For me, the Lebanese Olive Tree symbolizes wisdom, peace, generosity, kindness, patience and love. Through sharing Oleavanti's olive oil with the world, I want to tell the story of my beloved country, immerse the senses with its beauty and exquisiteness, and preserve its precious groves from obliteration. This is how Oleavanti was born, on the foundation that every olive tree should be respected.

Tony Gualtieri, Co-Founder and Sales. I discovered the wonderful taste of Lebanese oil on my first visit in Christmas 2016. It was love at first sight, and since that time, I've been working to bring this amazing olive oil to restaurants and stores across the US. 

Boutros Saadé, Co-Founder and Operations. Boutros is our man on the ground in Lebanon. He oversees the management of the groves and the pressing of our oil. He is a student of the Escuela Superior del Aceite de Oliva in Córdoba, Spain. His technical expertise has helped us to make ultra-premium extra-virgin olive oil of the highest quality.

Marie Saadé, Artistic Direction. Marie is responsible for all of Oleavanti's design and imagery. She does graphic design consulting in Lebanon and teaches at a local university. She's also the proprietor of Fleur de Chocolat whose luscious desserts are in demand throughout the region.

Maddie Piffard, Marketing Strategy. Maddie is our brand developer who helps bring our story to the world. She is the co-founder of Camino Tree, LLC and works with artisanal businesses from California to New Zealand. She currently divides her time between San Diego and Paris.

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