The Team

we make oil

The fruity, smooth, and balanced olive oil produced from Ehden Grove surprises with a lingering sting, its signature attribute. It is the essence of the family’s hard work, patience, and love for the olive tree and the land. Enjoy this olive oil, celebrate it at every occasion, and ahlan wa sahlan (welcome all)!

Nakhlé Saadé

We are honored and humbled by the generosity of Nakhlé Saadé, the protector of the Saadé family’s Ehden Grove. Without his endless support, Oleavanti would never have seen the light. His beautiful spirit and deep soul have kept the family’s 500-year-old heritage flourishing.

Oleavanti thanks him for his willingness to break with traditional olive cultivation and apply a modern approach to producing extra-virgin olive oil. This verdant juice has dazzled judges year after year and brought home three awards, a great mark of consistency and quality.

Carol Saadé

I foraged for food crumbs and did it so well that they called me “Little Hoover.” Since then, food has been a passion of mine, culminating in a PhD in Food Science from Rutgers.

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Tony Gualtieri

I grew up with olive oil at home in Southern California. My father came from a family of winemakers and he loved to cook the Calabrian foods that he remembered from his youth.

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Boutros Saadé
Co-Founder and Operations

I have always lived near olive groves but was never directly involved with them until the founding of Oleavanti. I am always surrounded by people that live for good food.

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Marie Saadé
Artistic Director

Marie is responsible for Oleavanti’s design and visuals. She has a great passion for graphic arts and loves to combine innovative type with clean imagery.

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