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Centuries of Quality

For five generations, the Saadé family has made the world’s most luxurious olive oil. Meet us here and then join our family!

Carol Saadé
Chief Science Officer

Food has been a passion since I was a child, first working in my family’s olive groves and joining in harvest and production. In Ehden, the village in the heart of Lebanon’s northern mountains where I grew up, olive trees were always the first to greet me in the morning and the last to wish me good night after a flamboyant sunset.

An epicure by nature, I’m always curious to learn about how food is made, and I love to explore history through food. I studied the science of producing superior olive oil while obtaining my PhD in Food Science from Rutgers University. In creating Oleavanti, I’m realizing my lifelong dream to preserve the beautiful olive trees of Lebanon from extinction.

Tony Gualtieri

I come from several generations of winemakers originally from the Mediterranean, where olive oil was an essential part of every meal. I’ve sampled dozens of olive oils and found the Saadé family’s superior in taste to all of them. With the Saadé family, I visited farmers and artisanal food makers across Lebanon and co-founded Oleavanti to bring their unique olive oil to the world’s restaurants and homes. I am a mathematician and statistician who specializes in analyzing the sensory properties of food, excited to bring ancient Phoenicia’s extraordinary olive oil to your table or kitchen.

Boutros Saadé
Chief of Operations & Grove Manager

Grove management starts with a knowledge of the soil and a feel for our legacy olive trees to ensure they’re healthy and happy. I cover the entire process from grove management to picking to the ancient Phoenician art of olive pressing. My engagement with the Escuela Superior del Aceite de Oliva in Córdoba, Spain connects me with a network of Mediterranean producers. There’s always something new, and my job is to ensure Oleavanti’s continuing leadership in innovative grove management.

Marie Saadé
Artistic Director

Marie designs Oleavanti’s labels and visuals. Combining innovative type with clean imagery, her delicate and subtle designs are suffused with the landscape and colors of her eastern Mediterranean heritage. She serves as a design consultant and teaches courses in Computer-based Graphic Design.

Nakhlé Saadé

As the protector of the Saadé family’s Ehden Grove, Nakhlé Saadé has kept the family’s centuries-old heritage flourishing in the age-old manner combined with a willingness to break with traditional olive cultivation and apply a modern approach to producing the world’s most luxurious olive oil.

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