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Boutros Saadé

Co-Founder and Operations

I have always lived near olive groves but was never directly involved with them until the founding of Oleavanti. I am Lebanese in heart and soul. I spend my time between Ehden, a picturesque mountainous village, Beirut, where I received my education and currently work as a mechanical engineer, and Faraya – my winter escape – where I teach snowboarding. I am always surrounded by people that live for good food, good times, and the buzzing Mediterranean spirit.

My discovery of the olive oil world opened my eyes to the beauty of this heritage and the rewarding experience of connecting to nature, celebrating the hard sweat of our ancestors to preserve these precious groves, and offer the world the best of my country.

Grove management starts with a knowledge of the soil and a listening ear to the olive trees to ensure they’re healthy and happy. I cover the entire process from grove management to olive picking to pressing. My scientific expertise applied to the ancient art of milling leads to an award-winning liquid gold, year after year. My engagement with Escuela Superior del Aceite de Oliva in Córdoba, Spain enriches my experience, builds my network of Mediterranean producers, and keeps me up-to-date with the olive oil world. I am constantly learning about the olive and its oil. There’s always something new!

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